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Spring Break Update
Like many of you, we take stock every day about our evolving situation in this unusual time. We try and keep the needs of our students, families, staff, and community at the center of all of our decisions. With that in mind, Ballard County Schools will continue NTI instruction and meal deliveries during the days originally scheduled for spring break (April 6-10). This change will mean that the school year will end on May 8, instead of May 15.  **Preschool's last day will be April 30th.**

Our staff has prepared and delivered over 15,000 meals to students and smaller children in seven days of the program. The number has grown nearly every day. The best way we felt that we could continue this important service was to continue all services, including NTI. Since travel has been discouraged during this time, we felt like this would inconvenience a smaller number of families than usual. (If your family still plans to be out of district, please get in touch with your child’s teachers as soon as you can.)

We want you to know that we commit to two additional things: Coming back to in-person school as soon as we get an all-clear from Frankfort (up until May 8), and making sure that your transitioning students still get those all-important “milestone moments” like graduation. However, like you, we just don’t know when that will be possible right now. We also promise to keep you in the loop as we receive additional guidance on these matters.

Since we seem to be in this for a while longer, we’d like to ask for your help in getting better at what we’re doing. If you have suggestions on how we can improve the process of NTI or meal delivery, or get information to you, please send us an email at feedback@ballard.kyschools.us. If you’ll put NTI or Meals, or whatever, in the subject line, that will helps us make sure your ideas get to the right people.

As the governor has said, we’re all in this together, and #TeamKentucky will come out stronger for our struggles. Thank you for all you are doing.

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