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BCPS changing pick-up, drop-off procedures
To improve student safety and parent experience, the pick-up and drop-off procedures at Ballard County Preschool - Head Start are changing this year when BCPS opens on Aug. 27.

All regular-day drop-offs will take place behind the preschool, as well as the morning and noontime pick-ups. The ONLY pick-up that still will be in front of the building is the 3:30 p.m. pick-up. Please read the rest of this story very carefully, and contact us at 270-665-8400, ext. 2100, if you have any questions. We want this transition to be as smooth and easy as possible for our students and parents.

=         8:35 a.m. drop-off – After all preschool buses are lined up behind the building, parents will line up behind the buses at 8:35 to unload under the canopy. Parents will pull up, and staff members will release students from their cars and walk them to another preschool staff member.

=         12:10 p.m. pick-up – After all preschool buses have pulled away from loading/unloading students behind the preschool, parents picking up car riders will line up behind the building. Staff members will use the canopy to bring your student to your car and load him/her for you.

=         12:15 p.m. drop-off – Parents will line up behind the preschool under the awning to drop off car riders for afternoon preschool.  Parents are again asked to stay in their cars and allow the preschool staff to unload their children and hand them off to the teachers.

=         3:30 p.m. pick-up – THIS IS THE ONLY ONE THAT IS DIFFERENT! Since there is so much traffic in the afternoon behind the school, this is the ONLY car rider pick-up that will happen in the front of the building. Staff members will bring the car riders out to the cars and load them. 

=         Parents are asked to remain in their vehicles in line and allow preschool staff members to release children from their cars and escort them to their teachers. This will make the pick-up and drop-off line run more smoothly and safely, preventing potential accidents.

=         If a child arrives late or needs to be picked up early, parents will need to enter the building through the main elementary school entrance. Parents will sign students in or out, and a staff member will deliver your child to the front desk or take him/her to the classroom.

=         The parking lot between the high school and the elementary school will be the holding area for drivers to wait in until parents can approach the school at the times noted above. 

=         Any parent who wants to volunteer in preschool rooms will need to follow the same procedures as they would at other district schools:

o   Parents must complete a simple background check.

o   Parents must enter and exit through the main door of the elementary school.

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