Post Migration

Client Reconfigurations

As part of the migration, Outlook, mobile device email, OneDrive for Business, and Skype clients will all need some work to continue to function. Additionally, it was identified in piloting that webmail often also requires reconfiguration.


Outlook Webmail (OWA) 

Many people will see that they stay logged into their old webmail account following migration, particular when you save your credentials. The easiest way to check is to log into webmail and then click on your name and picture in the top right-hand corner. A good value is an address that ends with

If you’re still logged into the old account, the bad value would be occurring if you see If you see a address, you’ll need to log out, wait for it to finish logging out, and then close your browser. Then you can log into webmail again with your address and it should take you to your “new” mailbox. You should be able to view new mail at that point.

If you have any trouble accessing webmail after the migration, please clear your browser cache and try again. Instructions on clearing browser cache are under the "How-to" section on right.


Acessing your "Old" account if needed

Your account prior to the migration still exists, but had to be renamed as part of the migration process. You will be able to access this data through the end of the school year, but it's highly recommended that you move/retrieve what is needed prior to that time.

To access your old account use the following user information:

Username: <username>
Password: <Password is what it was at the time of migration>

Example (Staff):

Primary username:
Renamed username:

Example (Student):

Primary username:
Renamed username: 

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