Office 365 Tenant Migration 03/22/2018-03/26/2018




Currently all 173 school districts in Kentucky are under one Office 365 umbrella called a “Mega Tenant”. Moving forward the Office of Education Technology (OET) is busting the mega tenant up into 173 individual district managed tenants (umbrellas) giving each district more administrative control and features within their organization.

One major part/phase of the tenant divestiture is that each district mail server HAS to be migrated into its new tenant once created.

KDE/OET and Microsoft have scheduled Ballard County to begin migration at approximately 3:30 PM local time on March 22, 2018. There are lots of phases/steps to the migration so the process will go throughout the night and well into the next day so do not expect email or OneDrive to be fully functional until Monday March 26, 2018. Because Google GSuite apps and content are dependent on your district email account it ‘might’ also not be available until migration is complete.

Although we do not start migration until 3/22 there are some pre-migration tasks that need to be COMPLETED no later than 03/08/2018 which is two weeks prior to migration kick-off. The following is a brief summary including the above mentioned tasks that you need to be working on now.

Who is affected:

All students and staff in Ballard County Schools.


KDE/OET is making changes to the state email system.  In order to achieve this, each district email server must be migrated.


Migration will begin Thursday, 3/22/2018 at ~3:30 PM and should be completed by the end of the day Friday, 3/23/2018.

How are you affected:

Do not expect email (Outlook) to function beginning Thursday, 3/22@3:30 PM and Friday 3/23.

Expect and plan for issues signing into Chromebooks on Friday 3/23. Chromebooks rely on our email system to sign in to the device.

Your emails, email folders, contacts (NOT distribution lists), and calendar will be migrated.

Active OneDrive user content will be migrated.

Shared Outlook calendars, personal preference settings such as delegated access/permissions, email signatures, stationary, font settings, etc. will not be migrated.

Deleted items and personal distribution lists will not be migrated.

Webmail through our district website and desktop shortcuts will still work as they always have after migration is complete.

Outlook will need to be reconfigured after migration, instructions will be provided.

If you have district email on any mobile device, it will need to be reconfigured after migration.

Student email and OneDrive content will not be migrated. Instructions will be provided for Self-Service migration if they choose.


What do you need to do now to prepare:

From now until March 8th (3/8/2018), please clean up as much of your email as possible, such as delete old emails you don’t need, empty your trash folder, etc. (This will make the migration process much faster). At the ‘2 weeks prior to’ mark cleanup activities will not assist in the migration as a pre-staging migration will occur 2 weeks before migration.  Moving e-mail between folders, etc after March 8th could result in duplicate content being migrated to your mailbox in the new environment.

Clean up your OneDrive folder as much as possible (if applicable). Delete files/folders that are stale, obsolete or redundant.

If you have trouble with any instructions, please submit a work order and we will assist you.

Please be patient with us as we work through this large project.

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